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MY30-M Hot Air Marine Diesel Heater ONLY

This kit is for people who are either replacing a diesel heating system of any make or they have purchased a boat and the ducting is already in place. The kit includes everything to install the heater. The electronic thermostat operates the heater automatically between 3.5kw and 1.75kw output. The motor can also be run on its own to provide cool air circulation in the summer.
Please note that the MY30 is designed to run on 80mm ID (internal diameter) ducting. The MY30 will run OK on 75mm ID ducting but if the existing ducting on your boat is any smaller , then, it must be replaced with 80mm to the first permanently open vent. After this the ducting can be reduced, so if the existing ducting is smaller, it can be retained. We can provide ducting adaptors if required to suit most manufactures heaters. Also if you have an existing exhaust terminal that you would like to retain, send it to us, and we will tig weld the 28mm spigot to it, to suit the MY30 Heater at no extra cost.

Price: £1,108.00
£1,329.60 inc VAT

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