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MYH16T-M2 Hot Air Marine Diesel Heater Kit

The twin outlet kit includes everything to the fit the heater and provide heater to 2 areas of the boat. The hot air ducting from the heater is split into two by a 'Y' branch which allows you to divert the heat to for example, a berth. The second outlet has a controllable 'open/close' vent to regulate the heat. The 'T' kit has an LCD timer that adds some additional features to the MYH16 Heater. The heater can be preset to start using the timer function. The LCD programmer also converts the MYH16 into a two heat output so the heater will switch from 1.9kw to 1.2kw to reduce current consumption and glow plug cycling. The MYH16T will also function on cold air only to provide air circulation in the summer.

Price: £1,134.47
£1,361.36 inc VAT

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