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Marine Heating

Whether it is pleasure craft or commercial, you need a product that you can depend on whilst at sea or in harbour. The Mikuni heaters rely on simple but reliable technology to keep you warm and dry when you need it most. Our products are manufactured in Japan from the highest quality materials. The quality control procedures have been gained from over 85 years of service to the vehicle and marine markets.


Sailboat & Motorboat

Take a look at our comprehensive installation kits. These are made to order so it is possible to make additions if required to suit your installation. The 'MY' air heater kits are complete down to the last nut and bolt.


The long thin shape of the narrowboat lends itself to water heating via radiators or fin rad convectors for even distribution of heat. The 'MX' water heater would normally be mounted in the engine room and the radiators are then placed along the length of the boat to prevent any colds spots. Narrowboat central heating for reduced condensation and home from home comfort.

Dutch Barge

Moving up the heater size on to the 'MXA' heaters (which are only available in 24 volt), these are perfect for either residential or commercial craft. The 'MXA' Heaters are pressure jet burners with spark ignition and long life pulse fuel pumps. Full microprocessor control with diagnostics and 3 models to choose from with outputs of 13kw, 24kw or 29kw.


Mikuni Heating can cater for all styles of commercial craft from small workboats requiring demisting via a matrix heater off of the engine to ocean going tugs requiring engine room heating, demisting, crew quarter and hot water via a Calorifier for showers and galley. The robust and trustworthy construction make Mikuni ideal for this specialized market area.

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